Starting towards a career change

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Galaxy of choices
So you know that it is time to make a career shift. Are you looking at a galaxy of choices and struggling with the next move?
Yes, make a list

Start with the favorite, a list exercise. (I love these because I can check things off when accomplished or cross something out if it no longer applies.)

The first list will be the Wanted list. [1] Start with what you need and want out of your new job. Do you need to be earning a certain figure? Do you want to be more active? Perhaps travel? Have more family time? These are what we want from our new career.

Our next list is the Skills list. Fine tooth comb what you are doing in your current job and each job you have done. Look at your personal life and what you do there. What are the things you have learned and researched? For example, e-mail communications, helping friends and family with computers, letter writing, spreadsheets and Pivot tables, financial planning and more.

Next, talk to people you work with, know, and meet. [2] What are their jobs? What do they like or hate about them?

 Photo by Anna Shvets from PexelsKeep track of the people you speak to that you want to have an informational interview with. This will allow you to get more than surface information. Giving a chance to prepare with further questions.

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Search skills with posted jobs

Something I have found very interesting was to take the skills that I have and search online for jobs specifying them in job descriptions. Then, note what jobs come up. What are some of the requirements for those jobs?…do you meet them? Is there something you can gain, perhaps additional education? Or, shadowing someone to get more experience?

For additional options in networking, definitely check out forums. So many are active and many include groups that work together helping each other gain needed experience and knowledge.

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As you review these lists and some of the information gathered from others, you will find that supernova moment. Something that just sparks your enthusiasm for the next step!

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