Keep it real

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So, I have noticed there are SO many ideas banging around online. Some are good, some…not so much, regarding #PositiveThinking. This is my two cents, for whatever it may be worth: The idea of “be positive”, to smile despite the situation. That truly comes across like sandpaper to the psyche. For myself, I am not perfect! Definitely not even on the scoreboard. That said, I have truly noticed how calming and easier it has been dealing with different things…even when I have made mistakes or am getting a deserved “kick in the pants”.
Image by Pixabay via Pexels
Break free from oppressive thinking
Also, the #POPThinking (Power Of Positive Thinking), for me, is not to ignore things. Simply to do what can be done, be sure everything that can be done has, then

Let It Go!

Everyone hang in there! There is so much around us to appreciate. Sometimes, just looking for and noticing it is the bigger challenge. So, #StayPositive and don't forget the #POPThinking !

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